Farmer groups: ‘Our unity is an eyesore for them’

Jagmohan Singh Patiala, working committee member of the AIKSCC, said, "What else do they want? He (Jyani) said the PM wants to know who is the leader of farmers with whom talks can happen…We don't trust his words…"

Responding to BJP leader Surjit Kumar Jyani’s statement that the farmers’ movement was a “leaderless agitation”, farmers said that 41 union leaders go for meetings, out of which four speak.

Jagmohan Singh Patiala, working committee member of the All India Kisan Sangrash Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), said, “What else do they want? He (Jyani) said the PM wants to know who is the leader of farmers with whom talks can happen…We don’t trust his words…he is cooking up a story…let the PM himself say this…only then will we believe his statement.”

He further said, “BJP is in a tight spot now and hence if Punjab leaders met with the PM, I think it was a need of the hour. They should have met the PM a long time back rather than six months after the Ordinances were first tabled in the Union Cabinet. Let’s see what comes out of this meeting and whether it will have any impact on January 8 meeting.”

Dr Darshan Pal, AIKSCC coordinator, said, “We all are on one page…nearly 500 unions of AIKSCC are on one platform and out of them only 41 are going for a meeting. At this time, BJP should rather support farmers and create pressure on the central government to get our demands met…what sort of state leadership is this in Punjab? They are making such statements in a diplomatic move to save their own skin. Comments of Jyani are a wasted effort to create a split among us…This is a movement that is one of its kind and hence BJP being a political party is worried about its vote bank.” Dr Pal is also president of the Krantikari Kisan Union, Punjab.

Buta Singh Burjgill, president of BKU Dakaunda said, “This struggle against farm laws has already shaken this government…There is a lot of discontent within the BJP leadership about the way this issue is being handled by the Centre. Hence I feel that the government needs to come out with early solutions which are only repeal of laws according to us. According to me, each day’s delay is a loss for the government…they have understood…but they need to admit it as well.”

Ruldu Singh Mansa, president of Punjab Kisan Union, Punjab said, “Had PM himself invited them…it would have a different perspective, but now that they had sought time, it shows that they must have gone to tell the miserable condition of Punjab BJP in the state, the way they are facing protests in Punjab. Hope they have spoken about the history of farm unions, their nature to struggle hard as well…”

Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan, general secretary of BKU Ugrahan, said, “The main problem of BJP is that farmer unions of different ideologies…people of different religions…states, different professions and even non-farmers are on one platform protesting against farm laws…this is the reason that they are saying that we should have one leader as it is easy to control one person or even to threaten one person but not a team which is on one page…Our unity is an eyesore for them. But it is not going to harm us anyway…we are only going to get stronger.”

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