‘G 23’ should be closed chapter, Sonia is taking initiatives: Moily

Moily also favoured the induction of poll strategist Prashant Kishor into the Congress and said his entry is part of the reform measures that Gandhi is slowly unveiling.

IN A setback for the G 23 grouping in the Congress, former law minister M Veerappa Moily, who was a signatory to the letter the leaders had written to party chief Sonia Gandhi last year, on Sunday said he “hates” the word G 23 now and argued that some of the leaders are “misusing” the G 23 by “keeping it alive” through meetings and remarks in the media.

Moily also favoured the induction of poll strategist Prashant Kishor into the Congress and said his entry is part of the reform measures that Gandhi is slowly unveiling.

Moily said the 23 senior leaders, including him, had written to Gandhi to reform the party and not to weaken the party. He said the exercise has fructified as Gandhi has begun initiating reforms in the party and the G 23 should now be a “closed chapter” and not “institutionalised”.

The Indian Express contacted many G 23 leaders, but they refused to react. One leader said: “There has never been any institutional arrangement. G 23 was a name given by the media… because there were 23 signatories…. You can only dissolve and dismantle something which existed.”

Moily said there is no such institution like G 23.

“That time it [the letter] was [written] to initiate certain reform measures by Sonia Gandhi… and she is now taking that step. She has also held discussions with Prashant Kishor. She has reorganised the party in many places. She has taken decisions. So she is marching forward. What do you want? It [the letter] was not intended to change the leadership at the centre. No. She is a dynamic leader and led the party for 18-19 years. She is well experienced and now the interest she is taking will definitely lead to reforms which we desire.”

“Then why should we again and again pitch that idea. Let us stop it and allow her to take major decisions. Even for reforming the party, consulting Prashant Kishor…,” he said.

Asked what reform measures Gandhi has taken, he said, “She has taken a number of measures…through AICC appointed some observers, appointed secretaries and also she is discussing with Prashant Kishor to reorganise the party and bring back real life into the party. That is why allow her… this is the time to strengthen her hands.”

Reminded that demands like the constitution of a Central Parliamentary Board for “collective thinking” and election to the central election committee have not been met, he said, “What is important is to initiate steps to reorganise the party. I don’t want to pick up one by one… points and say minus-plus. She is taking initiative and I think it is taking good shape… I don’t want to analyse each point. I know what it is. Definitely in a couple of months you will see the results.”

When pointed out that there were reports that some of the G 23 leaders were not happy at the prospect of Kishor joining the party and given some key election and campaign related responsibility, he said, “I am not happy with always picking up that G 23, G 23. I hate that word. There is no such G 23. All of us are anxious to strengthen the hands of Sonia Gandhi. We should stop talking about G 23.”

On Kishor’s induction, he said, “I welcome. It is a good initiative. It is one of the major initiatives. The party needs reforms, the party needs some changes at the grassroots level and Kishor has proved that he is capable of reorganising the party for success. That is enough for us.

“G 23 should be a closed chapter… I don’t think it was meant to attack the leadership. It was meant to strengthen the leadership. That is the difference,” he said.

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