Govt. cancels transfer of Salem PHC medical officers

They reportedly missed the vaccination targets

A recent move to issue memos to primary health centre medical officers in Salem for not achieving the target for COVID-19 vaccination evoked sharp criticism from various government doctors’ associations.

Following objections, the health authorities withdrew the memos.

The Tamil Nadu Medical Officers’ Association registered their objection with the Health Secretary and Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and submitted a representation with a number of demands.

M. Akilan, general secretary of the association, said they urged the officials not to put pressure on doctors. “We need manpower. Other departments should be roped in motivating persons to get vaccinated and to provide logistical support. We urged the department to conduct meetings during duty hours as work hours are getting prolonged to 6 p.m. or 10 p.m. due to daily meetings,” he said.

He said the officials promised to consider their demands.

The Service Doctors and Postgraduates Association strongly opposed the action of the Deputy Director of Health Services, Salem Health Unit District, for issuing memos to the medical officers and seeking explanation from them for not achieving the target fixed for COVID-19 vaccination. It condemned the practice of fixing daily targets for healthcare providers to administer vaccines.

They have been on the frontline and were working tirelessly for almost two years in combating two successive waves of COVID-19 pandemic, saving lives and working every weekend for the mega camps, the association said.

The association urged the government not to put pressure on doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to achieve the target when vaccination was not compulsory.

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