Guess who thinks Mumbai’s real estate prices are low!!!

‘One of the reasons I like Mumbai is because I find your prices unbelievably low. In other places I find them unreasonably high,’ Donald Trump declared.

The Trump family stormed Mumbai, when Donald Trump, 68, Donald Trump Jr, 36, and flew in, probably on their private jet, on Tuesday morning from New York — where they have put up more than five glamorous buildings and hotels — to announce their plans to put up India’s first Trump Tower in Worli, central Mumbai, referred to in the press conference hype as a ‘golden tower’.

The ‘momentous’ announcement was made at the Four Seasons hotel, which is hardly a few furlongs from the proposed site, where the media waited with bated breath for the flamboyant real estate giant to walk the red carpet laid out for him.

The Donald arrived, almost like some head of State, ringed by black-uniformed security, including a hugely mustachioed bodyguard with a bright red turban and was greeted by a battery of cameras.

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