Guest lecturers stage demonstration

Guest lecturers of the 10 newly converted government colleges staged a demonstration on Sunday demanding immediate settlement of unpaid salaries.

Backed by Association of University Teachers, the guest lecturers sought enhanced salary with effect from January 21, and called upon the administration of Bharathidasan University to abide by the government directive to meet the salary expenditure until further notice.

Likewise, the State government must pass an order to streamline salary payment, and to extend medical insurance for guest lecturers, they emphasised.

During October, the Higher Education Department had directed the university that it was responsible for paying salary and honorarium to teaching and non-teaching staff of the erstwhile constituent colleges until funds were allotted by the government.

The government had informed that the expenditure incurred by the university would be reimbursed later.

The letter from the higher education department had referred to the unrest on the college campuses and law and order issues.

The department letter also said that “disobedience of the order will be viewed seriously”.

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