Gun, bullets found at Kochi mall

Anxiety prevailed at LuLu Mall here on Saturday afternoon after a pistol loaded with five rounds was recovered from a trolley from near the parking lot.

Security guards who went to fetch the trolleys left behind by visitors noticed a bag, and on checking it, they found the arm and ammunition. They alerted the Kalamassery police who rushed to the scene and took possession of the ammunition along with a note in Malayalam.

“The pistol was found to be very old and not functional, while the rounds seemingly live were also found to be in a rusted state. Real rounds do not get rusted. We will send them for ballistic checks for verifying whether they are live or not. It seems to be a case of abandonment to get rid of the stuff,” said C.H. Nagaraju, District Police Chief (Kochi City).

The CCTV footage traced the package to an old man who seems to have come by a car specifically to drop the package as he had not entered the mall. The police have tracked the registration number of the car and are on its trail.

A spokesperson of LuLu Group said the note received along with the package referred to the history of the pistol dating back to 1965 and claimed that it was used in the Indo-Pak war. It also mentioned the names of some community and political leaders to share the package with.

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