Hajilol, Sonika are the champions

Parasappa Madevappa Hajilol of Karnataka and Haryana’s Sonika were crowned the National Cross Country 10km champions at the 55th edition of the event at the ATS Golf Meadows, near Chandigarh, on Sunday. The course, with two kilometre grassy loops, was designed with undulations and slushy sections.

The 25-year-old Hajilol from Bijapur, who clocked 31 minutes, 13.21 seconds, surprised several seasoned favourites, including defending champion Anish Thapa Magar in a race that began under a blanket of fog that only made conditions more difficult for the 224 runners in the men’s section.

The women did not have any such weather difficulties and 21-year old Sonika completed the race in 37 minutes, 9.53 seconds, ahead of the Maharashtrian duo of Komal Jagdale and Nikita Raut in the 173-strong field. Defending champion Kavita Yadav was relegated to fourth.

The results:

Men 10km: 1. Parasappa Madevappa Hajilol (Kar, 31:13.21), 2. Vikram Bangriya (MP, 31:15.21), 3. Adesh Yadav (Mah, 31:19.41); Under-20 8km: 1. Prince Nagar (Har, 26:04.87), 2. Sushant Jedhe (Mah, 26:06.22), 3. Indrajeet Farak (Mah, 26:27.36); Under-18 6km: 1. Gagan Singh (Har, 19:55.74), 2. Naveen Chouhan (MP, 20:01.90), 3. Karan Gahandule (Mah, 20:11.85); Under-16 2km: 1. Rohit (Har, 6:12.34), 2. Walter Kandulna (TN, 6:12.95), 3. Rahul Verma (UP, 6:17.68).

Women 10km: 1. Sonika (Har, 37:09.53), 2. Komal Chandra Jagdale (Mah, 37:11.40), 3. Nikita Raut (Mah, 37:12.71); Under-20 6km: 1. Rebi Pal (UP, 22:37.78), 2. Chatru Gumnaram (Raj, 22:52.07), 3. Kajal Sharma (UP, 22:52:21); Under-18 4km: 1. Supriti Kachhap (Jha, 14:40.53), 2. Aakancha Kerketta (TN, 15:02.36), 3. Urmila Bishnoi (Raj, 15:08.35); Under-16 2km: 1. Sunita Devi (UP, 6:37.30), 2. Priyanka Madivalappa (Kar, 7:16.11), 3. Sanika Rupnar (Mah, 7:19.18).

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