ICG detains mechanised boat near Minicoy Island

A mechanized boat from Tharuvaikulam in the district that reportedly entered the prohibited zones close to Minicoy Island inadvertently following technical snag has been detained by the Indian Coast Guard (ICG).

The mechanised boat of Thangasamy of Tharuvaikulam ventured into the sea from Tharuvaikulam Fishing Harbour on November 5 with ten fishermen, including driver M. Johnson, for multi-day deep sea fishing. When the boat was near Minicoy Island on November 17, the vessel was detained by the Indian Coast Guard for allegedly fishing in prohibited waters.

Following preliminary inquiry by the ICG officials, the mechanised boat crew and the boat were reportedly handed over to the Minicoy Island police for further investigation.

While the ICG claimed that the fishermen had entered the prohibited zone close to the Minicoy Island for fishing, Mr. Thangasamy denies it.

“After the fishnet got entangled around the propeller of the mechanized boat, the vessel could not be operated. Even before the issue could be sorted out by the crew, the boat drifted due to strong winds and entered the prohibited zone only to be detained by the Indian Coast Guard. Since the boat entered the prohibited area inadvertently, the ICG should release the boat with the crew,” Mr. Thangasamy prayed.

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