Inspector convicted

A Judicial Magistrate Court here on Tuesday convicted Thangadurai, Inspector of Police, to one year conviction for producing a fake witness statement in a criminal case before the court.

The Judicial Magistrate – I , A. Maruthupandi, imposed a fine of ₹ 2,000 on Mr. Thangadurai, who has retired from service.

Bright Singh of Ganesh Nagar had lodged a private complaint against the then Inspector, Virudhunagar West police station.

In his complaint, he said that he was not satisfied with the investigation of the case relating to his neighbour poisoning to death three hens reared by him due to previous enmity. Based on the witness statement of Baby Saroja, mother-in-law of Mr. Bright Singh, submitted by the Inspector of Police in the court, the complainant got a reply from the Inspector through Right to Information Act about the witness statement.

While the witness had expired in September 2012, the date on which the statement was purportedly got was four months later, January 2013.

The JM found the Inspector guilty of producing fake statement and ordered him to undergo one year jail.

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