Instil confidence in young minds

In the earlier years too students wrote examinations, faced competition and only the best were promoted. The pass percentage in public exams were less and students didn’t have to face as many competitive exams as today but there were tests that they had to take up as a part of their extra- curriculum. However, the stress levels those days were much lower. Our children even accepted their failures and improved. They were taught not just to be successful but also to accept defeat gracefully.

So, who introduced the so called ‘stress’ factor? We teachers, parents and elders are responsible for this and we have taught them that life is about winning always and they should never fail. One cannot be a topper always; one cannot win all the exams and games. Hence, teach our children to be gentle in their defeats. Let them write competitive examinations. It is not to make them stressed, instead it is to make them confident and improve their credentials and potentials. The first time all may not be successful, but if we guide them properly, they will have success the next time.

Teach them the stories of great men of history who failed and succeeded. Ignore the stress factor and instil confidence in them. Your children will admire you!

Fr. Anson Panengaden CMI,

Principal, Chavara Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore

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