Introduce competitive exams at a later age

Today’s world is competitive, is the discussion among the parents of young children. To bring that feeling of competition among the young students, now a days lots of Olympiads are held in all the subjects as early as class 1. The parents, falling in the trap of peer pressure, enrol their children in these Olympiads. No doubt that these competitions help the children to face examinations at an early age, but whether these can help in future in any respect is my question. From my experience, I feel by appearing in such tests frequently they get used to it; they write and forget. So, there is no feeling of competition among them. Most of these Olympiads are set up for commercial purposes and parents are misled. These lead to tension and pressure from the parents and sometimes children do not prepare for these tests at all. They just appear for the sake of their parents.

These exams also disturb the regular process of learning in schools. In fact, these tests can be introduced at a later age, say class 8 onwards, to judge students’ learning. This is because the questions are mostly based on thinking and application. So to me, at the early age let’s make learning only fun but may be introduced such exams at a later age.

Sikha Ray Chaudhuri,

Principal, Appollo National Public School, Bengaluru

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