‘It is worse than East India Company’

Congress accuses Centre of causing economic distress to people

Even the British East India Company had not imposed as many taxes as the Narendra Modi Ministry did at the Centre. Instead of helping people during the pandemic, it was only causing more distress by increasing taxes and raising prices, Tamil Nadu Congress Committee president K.S. Alagiri said.

Mr. Alagiri was leading the party’s protest against fuel price rise.

The Congress organised demonstrations outside fuel stations across the State to condemn the massive increase in prices.

“Even the East India Company taxed only 1/6th of the produce. The Modi government is imposing 100% tax on fuel. The base price of petrol is ₹32. The excise duty is ₹32. This is worse than the East India Company,” Mr. Alagiri said.

He said the Centre had been causing massive hardship to the people.

“These are things a dictator would do, which is what Mr. Modi is doing,” he alleged.

Mr. Alagiri said former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government put people’s welfare at the forefront. “The Modi government is disconnected from the people,” he added.

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