KCR should apologise to tribals before campaigning: Bandi Sanjay Kumar

‘Take action against ruling party leaders siding with land grabbers’

Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar has demanded Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao apologise to the tribal community for the “injustice being done to them in protecting them against landgrabbers from the ruling party leaders, take action against such persons and order an inquiry into such ‘forcible’ occupation of assigned lands”.

In a press statement on Tuesday, the BJP leader wanted Mr. Rao to explain his stand on the recent incidents of tribal lands being occupied and police protection being provided to such “land grabbers” in Huzurnagar constituency before seeking people’s support for the forthcoming bypoll to the Nagarjunasagar constituency.

Tribals form a significant section of the population in the area and are being deprived of their legitimate land rights and the government has been ‘usurping’ the same in the name of ‘Harithaharam’or handing over to the ‘big time industrialists’ without providing ‘adequate compensation’.

Hence, Mr. Rao should give an undertaking that the tribal land rights are sacrosanct and will be protected at any cost. Even the High Court had declared that assigned lands belonged to the tribals, he claimed and accused the government of not taking up survey of the contentious 6,200 acres of forest land.

Mid-term poll

Earlier, former MLA N. V. S. S. Prabhakar questioned if Mr. Rao is ready for a mid-term poll in light of the fast changing political scenario in Telangana. “If he thinks he is so sure of his policies and actions why can’t go back to the people? Earlier, he has been quitting posts and seeking re-election so why not now? His days as CM are numbered with his own ministers expressing dissent openly and a family drama is going on to make K.T. Rama Rao sit in the CM’s chair,” he claimed.

At a press conference, the State vice president accused Mr. Rao of ‘doing politics’ with the lives of the people in the last six years and “misusing the police force to subjugate the Opposition, especially the BJP by filing false cases and non-bailable warrants”. He charged the ruling party henchmen with being involved in grabbing the land of tribals and questioned the silence of the Chief Minister on the matter.

When the marginalised sections number more than 50% of the population in Telangana, the TRS government has offered several sops like land and buildings without fulfilling a single election eve promise. He also demanded the government to probe into the tribal lands grabbing at Huzurabad and withdraw ‘false cases’ hoisted against the party leaders.

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