KTR attacks Modi

Ahead of PM Modi’s visit to Hyderabad, Telangana’s Minister for IT and Industries, KT R attacked him. Telangana Minister criticized the BJP-led government during an event and he alleged that Prime Minister Modi has been unable to resolve petty issues between BJP ruled states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Not only this KTR took a dig at the BJP for claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi played a significant role in preventing a war between Ukraine and Russia.

KTR mocked these claims and stated that it is ridiculous to believe that PM Modi, who was unable to solve the political crisis between two neighboring BJP-ruled states, could have stopped a war between two countries- Ukraine and Russia.

KTR claimed that PM has doubled the debt of India by taking a Rs 100 lakh crore loan. Raising apprehensions about the usage of ‘Rs 100 lakh crore’, he asked, ‘where did the money go, who did he distribute it to?’ Telangana Minister added, “Narendra Modi, who is coming on 19th Jan, should tell if it is true or not that he waived off debts of his corporate friends. If Rs 1,45,000 cr is given, whole country can be given free electricity. But govt will not give. If Rs 1,45,000 cr is given, every farmer in the country can be given free electricity. But it is not good to give it seems. But to his friends, 12-13 lakh cr can be waived off wonderfully.

PM Modi will reach Telangana on 19th January, besides flagging off the Vande Bharat Express train between the Hyderabad city and Vijayawada, Modi will be initiating various railway projects worth Rs 2,400 crore in Telangana.

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