Kunnathunad records highest turnout of women voters

Constituency witnesses tight contest, with three fronts and Twenty20 fielding candidates

The Kunnathunad constituency recorded the highest voter turnout in the district with 80.99% of voters casting their ballot.

Though long queues were not visible in most polling booths in the constituency in the morning, polling appeared to have picked up pace post-noon, with voters lining up till the close of voting. A total of 1,51,993 people voted in the constituency. At 79.45%, the Assembly segment also witnessed the highest turnout of women voters in the district.

The constituency is witnessing an intense contest, with the three fronts and Kitex-sponsored Twenty20 fielding candidates. Having won a majority in four panchayats in the area in the local body elections in December last year, the corporate-sponsored outfit has demonstrated that it has a support base.

V.P. Sajeendran, two-time MLA, who is contesting as the UDF candidate for a third time from the constituency, said the high voter turnout was a consequence of the UDF’s spirited campaigning. “All workers in the UDF camp have been active. We set out to stubbornly prevent the rise of Twenty20. This election turned into a life or death matter for Congress workers. The LDF camp has been weak this time and turned silent in the face of Twenty20’s presence,” he said.

“We expected a turnout between 70% and 80%. The high turnout is a good sign,” said LDF candidate P.V. Sreenijin. On whether the LDF camp had indeed been subdued this time, Mr. Sreenijin said, “There is no point in discussing it now. Let us wait for May 2.”

“There is a section of voters who are fed up with the two political fronts and would like to see Twenty20 win for a change,” said Sujith Surendran, Twenty20 candidate.

Renu Suresh, BJP candidate from the constituency, said, “The campaigns of both Twenty20 and the LDF were not quite strong towards the end. We have received a good response from voters and are hoping they have voted for a change.”

“We are used to a triangular contest. But this time, the fight here is unpredictable,” said a 52-year-old voter and shop owner at Thiruvaniyoor, who asked not to be identified. A group of voters at her shop, which was close to one of the polling booths at Thiruvaniyoor, wondered aloud if the hand or the sickle would be able to slice up the pineapple.

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