‘Last visuals of Vemualghat’

Video on the village goes viral

In the first visual, the bund of Mallannasagar at a long distance filed with greenery was presented and then demolished houses and deserted streets.

Named ‘Last visuals of Vemulaghat,’ Serupally Narender Reddy, an oustee of the village that is getting submerged under Mallannasagar after testing of pump sets which was commenced on Sunday, shot these videos about two weeks ago and later. The 5.20-minute video was on social media and was uploaded on YouTube.

The visuals also show those who had passed away recently including Sherupally Lakshmi (December 15, 2020), Malla Reddy (February 26, 2021), and G. Satta Goud . The dismantled houses where bushes had grown, people vacating houses and belongings being shifted in transport vehicles were also added in the last visuals and they move everyone who go through the video.

The song goes with it: ‘ Eppudu Okkala Undadu, Ekkada Aaginponivvadu, Edaremunndao Cheppadu Kadile Samayam’ – ‘Neethonee Modalinda and Neethonee Mugisinda, (The time always moves, it will not be as it was once, never allow you stop and never tells you what is ahead. (It) never started with you and never ends with you)’. Visuals of water being released from the pumps were also attached to that.

The video ends with “We miss you Vemulaghat. Your are no more, but we can’t forget you.”

“My grandmother Sherupally Lakshmi was a single woman who died last year December despite High Court directing Rehabilitation and Resettlement package for her. I am working in accounts department of an IT company, was born and brought up at Vemulaghat. I wanted to record the last moments of our village, which will be no more,” Mr. Narender Reddy told The Hindu.

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