Less than a month for board exams, schools struggle to find time for revision

With less than a month to go for the Class 12 board exams, State Board schools are struggling to find time to fit in revision sessions or exams for their students. Students of class 12 came back to campus in January after schools remained shut for 12 months owing to COVID-19.

On Wednesday, students came back to many schools after a five day break as schools were shut from Friday to Tuesday. Following the assembly elections which took place through Tuesday, several schools which were used as polling booths were disinfected and sanitised.

“Even though we had online classes when schools were shut, many schools have spent a considerable amount of time since January when physical classes began to teach students several concepts. Since learning is still going on, most schools will definitely run short of time to help students revise,” said R. Visalakshi, President, Tamil Nadu Private Schools Association. “During any other academic year, students would have had repeated tests and teachers though the year would have held special classes to prepare them for the boards,” she added.

The practical exams for class 12 are scheduled to be held from April 16 to 23 and the board exams are to begin from the first week of May. The number of COVID-19 cases are on the rise in the state and this has added to the concerns of the students and parents as well.

“While we are trying our best to have revision tests for the completed portions so far and seek out students who need extra help, teachers are facing a few attitudinal challenges from students. Since the students came back to school after a long gap, some of them are yet to grasp the seriousness of the exams ahead and are struggling to keep at regular preparations for it,” said A. Ramu, State President, Directly Recruited Post-Graduate Teachers Federation.

In a few districts, government schools have managed to conduct one round of revision exams with a part of the completed syllabus. “Any other revision that we plan can be done only after the practicals. We need at least five days before the practicals to prepare the students as well since they hardly had any time in the school laboratories this academic year,” said a science teacher from Dindigul. Despite a reduction in the syllabus, he said that the remaining portions were still vast for teachers to complete quickly.

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