Lock Nagar sports a new look

All public spaces in the locality have been reclaimed

The Tamil Nadu Urban Habitat Development Board (TNUHDB) tenements in Lock Nagar in Chennai is sporting a new look, owing to the focussed and sustained conservancy work carried out in the locality over the past few months.

The work was carried out as part of an initiative by Urbaser-Sumeet, the private company carrying out conservancy operations in seven zones of the Greater Chennai Corporation, to showcase it as a model locality. The company said the initiative was carried out with the support of TNUHDB and the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Officials from Urbaser-Sumeet, TNUHDB, the GCC and IOCL interacted with the residents at the locality on Friday.

A spokesperson for Urbaser-Sumeet said the company worked closely with the residents of the locality to ensure that the changes made were sustained. Although the work was started around April, the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic delayed it.

A key focus of the initiative was to reclaim all public spaces available in the locality, which had 10 TNUHDB apartment blocks. Highlighting that the spaces in between these buildings were earlier unusable due to dumping of garbage, he said they were initially cleared as part of the mass cleaning drive.

After working with the residents to prevent such indiscriminate dumping of garbage, he said these spaces now had children’s play equipment.

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