Mahesh Babu is only getting better with time

It is known news that Mahesh Babu is a fitness freak  and for his movie Sarkaru Vaari Paata, which is being helmed by Parasuram, he  is going through a transformation.

Mahesh Babu’ trainer Minash Gabriel revealed the secret of Mahesh Babu and  the actor’ wife  Namrata also revealed on Insta, “I have been in Dubai for the last month for the movie Sarkaru Vaari  that has Mahesh Babu in the lead role. Baring the day we landed in Dubai and the isolated deload and recovery days, I have been at the gym every single day training Mahesh Babu post his shoot. Everything you need to know about the last 30 days in Dubai as far Mahesh Babu’ training regime went. The training days were split into strength training, cardio that involved anaerobic variants and most importantly Zone  two training. We trained in the evenings at the end of the shoot of the movie. The  intensity at which he approached each session was second to none, even after challenging  the conditions that he faced on set of Sarkaru Vaari Paata in the desert. Each workout spanned roughly 60 mins. Everyday he pushed himself and make sure he performed each exercise to the T and give it a 100 %. Mahesh Babu is a perfectionist, on and off the set.”

Namrata added that today she can proudly say that Mahesh Babu has come a long way from when they first met in 2019. She concluded it by saying that  She can safely say that this man – Mahesh Babu is ageing backwards and is only getting better with time.

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