Make an Oasis

Things required:

Brown modelling clay, green and blue marble paper, a piece of transparent plastic, square piece of cardboard, 3 toothpicks, paints, scissors and glue.


1. Place the brown clay on the square cardboard base and shape it to resemble a slightly raised, irregular land form. Leave a hollow space within for the water body.

2. Insert a piece of blue marble paper in the hollow and cover it with the transparent plastic sheet. Cover the edges of the plastic sheet with clay for a smooth finish.

3. Cut out three rectangular pieces from the green marble paper. Make slits on one side (see illustration). Stick the ends of each piece to form the fronds of the palm tree. Glue them to one end of the toothpicks. Fix the toothpicks to the clay surface.

4. Slit a few pieces of green marble paper to make the grassy patches and fix them on the clay.

5. Paint the base a dull yellow to resemble sand. You could also make a hut and a pathway from cardboard and fix it to the model of the oasis.

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