Man hides lover in room for 11 years

Secret life of the couple comes to light after he was intercepted by police at Nenmara in Palakkad

The Palakkad district police on Wednesday lifted the lid on an amazing love story in which a man secretly kept his lover in a tiny room at his family house at Ayiloor, near Nenmara, without letting anyone know about it for 11 years.

Rahman, 34, son of Mohammed Khani, had feared a backlash when he ran away with his lover Sajita, 28, daughter of Velayudhan living a few blocks away from his house, on February 2, 2010. He covertly brought her to his house at Ayiloor and hid her in his room without giving any hint to his family.

They lived in a small room with scanty amenities for 11 years. He used to lock the room whenever he went out, and never let any of his family members enter it. By removing the grill, he converted his room’s window into a secret exit that they used for Ms. Sajita to get out at night to relieve herself.

Mr. Rahman used to feed Ms. Sajita and take care of her – all in tight secrecy. He even passed electric shock through his room’s door handle to shoo away the members of his family. He fooled his father, mother and sister, who lived with him in the small house, for 11 years.

Went missing

The police had questioned many people as part of an investigation following the disappearance of Ms. Sajita in 2010. Mr. Rahman too was

among those questioned. As he continued to live in the same village, none suspected him for Ms. Sajita’s disappearance.

In March this year, Mr. Rahman left his house and the family filed a man missing case. The secret live-in partnership came to light when the police found Mr. Rahman at Nenmara town on Wednesday. Mr. Rahman reportedly told the police that he shifted to a rented house at the neighbouring village Vithanassery three months ago with his lover. Although the police refused to believe the strangely secretive live-in relationship of the lovers, they were convinced when they visited Mr. Rahman’s house at Ayiloor. The police examined the room in which the lovers lived for 11 years without letting a third person know about it.

The police produced them in a court, which permitted them to live together. The lovers returned to their rented house at Vithanassery in the evening. Now they are free to live a normal life in the open.

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