Man murders ex-wife

The Veerakeralampudhur police are on the lookout for a youth who allegedly murdered his ex-wife near Alangulam on Thursday.

Police said V. Mahalakshmi, 23, of Arunachalapuram near Vickramasingapuram in Tirunelveli district was married to one Kannan, 25, of Vaagaikulam near Ambasamudram two years ago. Following frequent domestic quarrel, Mahalakshmi was living with her parents.

After repeated talks with Kannan failed, Mahalakshmi was again married to one Ponraj of Kallooththu near Alangulam two months ago.

Agitated over this, Kannan, who came to Kallooththu on Thursday on a bike, inquired the villagers about the house of Mahalakshmi in the guise of inviting the couple for a wedding. On reaching the house, Kannan allegedly hacked to death his ex-wife on the spot and escaped.

A 10-year-old boy, who was playing in front of the house, reportedly saw Kannan entering the house with a machete and alerted Mahalakshmi’s father-in-law Ganesan working in the field nearby. Even before Mr. Ganesan could reach the house, Kannan allegedly murdered Mahalakshmi and escaped.

Veerakeralampudhur police sent the body to Tenkasi Government Hospital for a post-mortem and have registered a case.

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