Many rivulets in Agency area in spate

Alert sounded in tribal habitations as Godavari is rising

Many streams in the Agency areas of the West Godavari district are in spate due to incessant rains that have been lashing for the last two days. The water level in the Godavari has been rising and officials sounded an alert in the tribal habitations of the district.

“Due to a heavy rain in the upstream areas in Telangana, the rivulets are in spate and the flood level in the Godavari river is rising,” said officials.

According to the Weather Department officials, the district received 1,127 mm of rainfall till Sunday morning. Ganapavaram received the highest of 118.8 mm, followed by Penumantra 87.6. Nidamarru 85.6, Attili 64.2, Kalla 45 mm, Velerupadu 44.6, Buttaigudem 44.2 and T. Narsapurm 40 mm.


Irrigation Department officials discharged 2.06 lakh cusecs by 7.30 p.m on Sunday from the Polavaram project. The flood level on the upstream of the spillway was 29.282 metres. The water level at Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage at Dowleswaram had been increasing, the officials said.

Gunjavaram Vaagu, Konda Vaagu and other streams in Polavaram, Velerupadu, Buttaigudem, Kukunur and other mandals in the district were swelling.

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