Minister hails SC directive on Mullaperiyar

‘Arrangements taken anticipating opening of spillway shutters’

Water Resources Minister Roshy Augustine has said the new directive of the Supreme Court on the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam is more hopeful for Kerala. The apex court has asked the State to submit a detailed affidavit about the new rule curve prepared by Tamil Nadu.

“Now, we hope we can submit the actual details and conditions about the dam before the court,” he said here on Thursday.

The court did not accept the Tamil Nadu demand to raise the water level to 142 ft. Kerala would raise the issue of a new dam there. As per the rule curve, the water level in Mullaperiyar was fixed at 138 ft till October 31. At present, there was no problem in releasing water above the rule curve level, he said.

The Government had made all arrangements considering the chances of opening of the spillway shutters. Blocks in the Periyar had been cleared for the smooth flow of water. There was no need for panic and the government had prepared the details of the people to be evicted from downstream areas.

He said Tamil Nadu had not informed on how much the spillway shutters would be opened. The Idukki reservoir was capable to hold the water released water from Mullaperiyar.

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