‘Minorities being misled by Cong., DMK’

BJP leader appeals to pastors not to be misguided by this

BJP State general secretary R. Srinivasan on Tuesday alleged that the Congress and DMK were misleading the minorities in Tamil Nadu.

The minority communities in Tamil Nadu were being misled by the Congress and the DMK as many Christians and Tribals were representing people in the Assembly in Goa, Northeast States and in Parliament, he said. Alleging that the parties were spreading a false image of the BJP, he appealed to pastors not to be misguided by this.

In Tamil Nadu, the minority population was about a crore, he said. Stating that he had interacted with pastors in Velankanni church recently, he said, “I briefed them about the misconceptions they had about the BJP and invited them for a dialogue with our leaders.”

In BJP-ruled Goa, Christians were MLAs and the highest number of Tribal MPs were from the BJP, he said.

The minorities could not be ignored in a society by any political party, which promised to bring in development and growth in all spheres. The BJP leader said that in none of the temples, the priests directed devotees to vote for a party as it was the individual’s prerogative.

He said the Union Budget was widely appreciated by experts and economists. It was wrong to say that the BJP had earmarked funds for projects to States which were facing elections. “If the Centre had not done so, then the critics might have said that the BJP had ignored Tamil Nadu,” he added.

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