Mobbera Foundation celebrates Pride month online

Hyderabad-based organisation hopes to engage the community, create awareness, and bust myths with its initiative

In Pride month, one of Hyderabad-based Mobbera Foundation’s Instagram Reels shows how to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. “To be an ally never meant pouring concern. It’s never about creating sympathy in public. It’s all about healthy upliftment and a warm hug. Think of ally as an action rather than a label. As an ally, confront your own prejudices and biases. Know that you’ll mess up sometimes — breathe, apologise and ask for guidance,” says the 30-second video. These videos that aim to create awareness and break myths are part of the Foundation’s Pride 2021 virtual celebrations.

“We are posting one Instagram Reel every day to initiate frank conversations,” says Mobbera Foundation’s vice-president Anil Kohli, of the organisation’s Instagram handle @mobberafoundation. “People judging others because of their sexuality or using inappropriate words to portray the community annoys me on a personal level, but only awareness and empowering citizens with information will bring in social change,” he adds.

make-up artist Syed Sufian an online session  | Photo Credit: special arrangement

This year, the Foundation’s online celebrations will introduce initiatives like a virtual beauty pageant and a series of talkathons. Called ‘Chai pe Charcha’ these weekly sessions seek to connect different LGBTQIA+ organisations from across India, unlike last year’s virtual sessions with only community members. “This is to empower and connect organisations so that we are strengthened as a community,” says Anil.

The virtual Community Connect’s sessions on art, culture, fashion and mental health have had workshops on Mandala art, creating a resume, basic make-up tips and sustainable fashion for members and allies. Mobbera Foundation’s 50-plus volunteers have been working for two months, planning the events. “We hope to engage the community and organise an online interaction session in June with community projects and Chai pe Charcha sessions,” concludes Anil.

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