Modi assures YS Sharmila, We will give full support

As the elections are approaching, unexpected twists are taking place. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ phone call to YSRTP president YS Sharmila has become a hot topic in the political circles of the state. Sharmila’s lashing out at the KCR government in Telangana and Modi’s phone call to her at a time when the BJP is taking fast steps to oust KCR from the seat of power in the next election has become a topic of discussion.

 It seems that  PM Modi inquired about the political situation in the state on this phone. On Tuesday, India’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi called YSR Telangana Party chief YS Sharmila and expressed sympathy over a recent incident in which the police towed away her car while she was still sitting in it.  The reports are coming that Narendra Modi has assured YS Sharmila that they will stand with them and fight against  the KCR government. PM is said to have assured YSR Telangana Party chief of his full support in her fight against the KCR government. 

  It is also being heard that Modi invited Sharmila to come to Delhi and meet him. So there is a possibility that Sharmila will meet the PM soon. 

 Political analysts say that BJP will also support Sharmila who is fighting against KCR. Sharmila, who had visited Delhi many times in the past and met central officials, complained that there was massive corruption in the Kaleshwaram projects. The CBI Director and CAG have also complained about the corruption of KCR government.

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