‘Monitoring blood sugar level daily can prevent mucormycosis’

Checking blood sugar level every day after recovering from COVID-19 might eliminate the risk of contracting mucormycosis, according to medical experts here.

Unusual increase in blood sugar being the key factor for the fungal infection, it would be advisable, particularly for diabetics who have recovered from COVID-19, to monitor the levels at least thrice daily for six months, S. Gurushankar, chairman, Meenakshi Hospital, Thanjavur, said.

Early detection will result in better treatment outcome. Typically, COVID-19 patients develop symptoms of mucormycosis such as numbness or pain on one side of the cheek, stuffy nose and swelling in the eyelid for two to 10 days after discharge from hospital. As the infection brings down immunity level, the mucormycosis sneaks in and induces the body to produce more sugar and iron, key nutrients for the fungi to spread, Dr. Gurushankar explained.

The COVID-19 infection creates a pre-diabetic state in may patients, said consultant ENT specialist P.Isaac Richards.

Use of steroids in COVID-19 management results in shooting up of glucose to a very high level, which shuts down the body’s immune system for easy entry of the fungi.

Detailing the diagnosis, Dr.Isaac Richards says nasal endoscopy, histopathological examination and culture and MRI scan to assess the extent of infection’s spread is required and has to be followed by a minimally invasive surgery to debride dead tissues along with the fungus, after which anti-fungal therapy has to be provided.

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