Music therapy facility launched at Jayanagar PHC

Minister for Health and Medical Education K. Sudhakar on Thursday inaugurated a music therapy facility at the Jayanagar Primary Healthcare Center here.

The facility will replicate the model adopted by the State-run Vani Vilas Hospital in Bengaluru for detecting foetal anomalies using music and sound therapy.

Doctors at the Vani Vilas Hospital have been studying high-risk pregnancies using a device that produces music and sound.

Shantala Hegde, Associate Professor, Clinical NeuroPsychology, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, who is assisting the Department of Health and Family Welfare in establishing a facility here, said the Vani Vilas Hospital model is being replicated in Mysuru. In Bengaluru, Geetha Shivamurthy is leading the study on the expectant mothers using the method.

Dr. Hegde said she will be guiding and assisting the team in Mysuru in replicating the model successfully. A similar facility is being launched in another government-run hospital for women here.

S.A. Ramdas, MLA, and others were present.

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