The musician par excellence

Imagine watching your favourite movie without music. How would you feel?

Music adds dimension to movies, making them more interesting and entertaining. And the key to good music lies with the music director.

From “The Lion King” to “Interstellar”, one musician who has left his mark in the industry is Hans Zimmer. Today, people remember these movies for their plot as much as they remember it for Zimmer’s musical composition.

Early life…

Zimmer was born in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany on September 12, 1957. His mother was a musician and his father was an engineer and inventor. Zimmer lived in Konigstein-Falkenstein during his early years. Here, he learnt the piano at home and also briefly went for piano lessons. However, he soon quit his lessons as he disliked the discipline of formal lessons. This dislike had him thrown out of eight schools. However, his natural inclination towards music helped him on his musical journey.

Zimmer was interested in technology, and modified the piano using various instruments when he was young. He lost his father in his childhood and found solace in music. Ever since, music has been his best friend.

Music to the ears

In the 1970s, Zimmer began playing the keyboard and synthesiser with the band Krakatoa. He then worked with The Buggles, a band formed in London in 1977. Over the next few years, Zimmer performed with several bands and wrote advertising jingles.

In the 1980s, he partnered with Stanley Myers, a film composer with over 60 films to his credit. They co-founded the London–based Lillie Yard recording studio, where they focussed on fusing traditional orchestral sound with electronic instruments. Meanwhile, he continued to compose for television shows and jingles.

The turning point in Zimmer’s musical career came in 1988 when he was asked to compose the music for “Rain Man”, a film by Barry Levinson. “Rain Man” went on to win four Oscars and earned Zimmer his first-ever nomination for Best Original Composition.

Soon after, he composed for Bruce Beresford’s “Driving Miss Daisy”. This movie too went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture and fuelled Zimmer’s success. The world began to expect great music from him and he didn’t disappoint.

In 1994, he composed for his first-ever animation movie – “The Lion King”. The movie and its music have found a place in the pages of history. Zimmer went on to win accolades for his composition, and also won his first Oscar for Best Original Score.

Ever since, Zimmer has composed for several movies and has received several accolades and awards for his work. Some of his soundtracks are said to be played on loop by people all around the world.

Till this date, Zimmer continues to compose music and tries to bring in an element of freshness to each of his scores.

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