Mysuru zoo continue to hand-hold small, mini-zoos in State

Spares a hippo pair and barking deer to Tyavarekoppa Tiger and Lion Safari near Shivamogga

The century-old Mysuru zoo has continued its support in developing small- and mini-zoos in the State that are being projected as tourist attractions in tier-II and tier-III cities. It has been enriching the collection of animals and birds in smaller zoos to help them attract more footfall and become self-sustainable.

A kind of “sister zoo” concept, the management of Mysuru zoo recently gifted a pair of hippopotamus and five barking deer to the Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari near Shivamogga. The safari had earlier received animals and birds from the zoo.

The Mysuru zoo is also adopting zoos that are crying for attention, for helping them emerge as attractions for locals.

Post-COVID-19, the Mysuru zoo is not in a position to support them financially but it has resolved to enrich their collections besides lending expertise in constructing enclosures for housing the animals gifted.

Mysuru zoo Executive Director Ajit Kulkarni told The Hindu that it contributed for the construction of enclosures for the hippo pair and barking deer that were gifted to Tyavarekoppa.

“We had gifted tigers and hyenas to Hampi zoo which is the youngest zoo in the State. Likewise, we have enriched the collections in other zoos as the focus is also on developing them and making them sustainable like Mysuru zoo,” he said.

Mr. Kulkarni said the small and mini-zoos get first priority when it comes to sharing animals that are in surplus zoo here. “We exchange animals with zoos outside the State but we cannot do this since the collections in mini and small zoos are not much.”

Well-known nationally and internationally and rated as one of India’s well-maintained zoos and a prolific breeder of endangered animals in captivity, the Mysuru zoo had adopted the Gadag zoo which has become one of the new attractions seeing a substantial development over the years. It gave birds for the newly-developed aviary at Gadag.

The Mysuru zoo had spared Nilgais to Tyavarekoppa and a giraffe to Bannerghatta Biological Park in the past.

The zoo has not sought anything in return from the mini-zoos. It is done as a goodwill gesture.

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