Namakkal Municipality launches mobile swab collection vehicle

The Namakkal Municipality has launched a vehicle for collecting swab samples for COVID-19 tests from containment areas within its limits to overcome public hesitancy to come forward for tests.

Municipal Commissioner P. Ponambalam said the vehicle would visit places where a positive case had been reported and technicians would collect samples from other residents of the house. Officials said as on Thursday, there were 13 containment zones in Namakkal Municipality and fever camps were organised to identify new cases.

They said despite awareness, there was still hesitancy among the public to come forward for tests and they visited hospitals when health condition deteriorated, making recovery difficult. To prevent delay in testing, the vehicle would visit the respective places where samples had to to be collected, the officials said. As part of intensifying containment measures, since April, 60 fever camps were conducted in the municipal limit, they said

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