Online fundraiser for construction of library in Mysuru comes to a halt

The online fundraiser for construction of a library at Rajiv Nagar in Mysuru, which was destroyed in a fire recently, has ended amid reservations expressed by a section in the social media over a proposal by government agencies to use the fund raised to finance the library project.

The online initiative, started by Fathaheen Misbah, who works for an IT company, to help Syed Ishaq rebuild his library had garnered ₹28,98,260. The fundraiser,, said the campaigner for the fundraiser, Mr. Misbah, had requested to end the initiative.

Some of the donors had taken to Twitter to oppose the government’s decision to construct the library through donor contribution. “Want my money back,” said Radhakrishnan Nair in a tweet.

Mohammed Zubair, a co-founder of Alt News, tweeted, “This was public initiative. Why would govt want donation amount to build the library. Did they discuss, consultant [sic] or inform this to the donors. The decision about handing over the donation amount to the govt should be decided by the donors. Not govt.”

Mr. Misbah has tweeted: “Update will be posted by @ketto on the link below seeking inputs from donors. Rest assured opinions will be respected”.

In response to a query from The Hindu, Ketto said they would hold a discussion with the campaigner on Monday. “Ketto will be having a discussion with the campaigner and post the discussion, we will take the next steps and update our donors accordingly,” said in its reply.

It may be mentioned here that the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC), the Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA) and the Department of Public Libraries had jointly agreed to rebuild the library established by Mr. Ishaq at the same spot by using not only the money donated directly to Mr. Ishaq by individuals and organisations, but also the amount raised through the online fundraiser.

While MUDA had decided to allot about 5,000 sq. ft of land for construction of the library, the MCC had agreed to bear any shortfall of funds arising in the cost of construction of the library, which will be carried out under the supervision of Mysuru City Library Authority. Mr. Ishaq, meanwhile, had agreed to transfer the contribution that he had received from individuals and organisations to the SB account opened jointly by MUDA, the MCC, and the Deputy Director of Libraries, Mysuru.

MCC Commissioner Shilpa Nag, MUDA Commissioner D.B. Natesh and Deputy Director of Libraries, Mysuru, Manjunath are expected to discuss the issue on Monday.

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