Over 200 babies delivered safely at trauma care centre

Though there have been multiple accounts of pregnant women, like others in need of treatment, struggling to get hospital admission, there is good news from certain quarters. Over 200 healthy babies were delivered at the Emergency and Trauma Care Centre, Victoria Hospital, over the last three months.

Doctors from Vani Vilas hospital carried out the deliveries of COVID-19-positive women at the centre, in an arrangement necessitated by the pandemic.

S. Balaji Pai, Special Officer, Emergency and Trauma Care Centre, said as many as 203 babies were delivered between May and July. “The main challenge in case of handling patients who were COVID-19 positive was to not only ensure usual precautions, but to also take care of ourselves. It is difficult to wear a PPE, a sterile gown over it, and goggles during the procedure. Fortunately, there were not many other surgeries. No child tested positive and there was also not a single surgical site infection,” he said.

He said that separate OTs were prepared, one for normal deliveries. “We only used disposable caesarian kits. The costs are also heavy, but the results good,” he said.

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