Panel against children taking part in strikes

‘Opportunities to study should not be lost owing to stirs’

Students’ opportunities to study should not be lost owing to strikes, the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has said.

Children should not be forced or lured by offering inducements to take part in strikes or agitations, the commission said in an order on Wednesday.

Children should not be made to take part in stirs in which they suffer physical or mental distress or their rights are violated.

They should not be made to participate or used as shields in protests or agitations by adults, a Division Bench comprising commission members K. Nazeer and B. Babitha said.

If there is the possibility of the strike turning violent, children should be removed from the spot immediately, and the police should give necessary directions in this regard, the panel said .

Children should not be included if violence is expected to break out during protests or if the protests are held in areas of strife, the panel said.

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