Pawan Kalyan's introduction scene to be a major highlight of Vakeel Saab

We all know that Vakeel Saab is the official remake of the Bollywood hit movie Pink. The original is a film that sticks true to the story. There are no commercial elements yet the movie managed to become successful. Coming to the Telugu version they have done many changes.

As Pawan Kalyan has mass image, they have included songs, hero buildup shots, fights in the movie. Vakeel Saab is releasing on April 9th and as per the latest update, Pawan Kalyan’s introduction scene will give goosebumps to the fans. They will be thrilled.

Inside sources reveal that some baddies force people out of their homes and when a Vivekananda portrait is being thrown out, our Vakeel Saab catches it and fights out with the baddies.

We have to wait and see whether this is true or not.

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