Payal Rajput bold comments on Liquor promotions

In recent times many celebrities have been seen promoting liquor brands and condom ads. In the past, many heroines like Kajal, Samantha and Regina have been promoted as liqueur brands. With this, netizens trolled them in a range. The heroines are badly trolled every time they do this.

People who are silent when heroes act in such ads.. There are also those who question why they are trolling like this in the case of heroines. Payal Rajput has previously posted promoting a whiskey brand. Even if it is deleted after that.. then the trolls fell well.

Payal Rajput made her entry as a heroine in Tollywood with the movie ‘RX 100’. With the huge success of her first film, she got more opportunities in the industry. Meanwhile.. Some bold comments made by this beauty recently have become a hot topic. She said that the brands approved by the government have been promoted and they are also legal.

She also made dialogues like that women also take alcohol and want to be chill. We are all human beings. To the critics, every single thing seems to be a problem. She said that she did not care about them. Another heroine Naina Ganguly said that women are beautiful, attractive and powerful so brands are looking for them. The comments on this alcohol by Payal Rajput, which has been pooled all over, have become a hot topic.

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