Periyar rejuvenation top priority of new Aluva Municipal Council

Environment-friendly development mode proposed for the ‘metro town’

The setting up of a new municipal market and rejuvenation of the Periyar figure top among the priorities of the newly-elected Aluva Municipal Council, according to M.O John, its Chairman.

Mr. John of the UDF has proposed an environment-friendly development mode for the ‘metro town’. “We have just received a letter from the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board [KIIFB] expressing willingness to extend financial support for the new municipal market. The proposal will be placed before the council meeting on Thursday. The Kerala Urban and Rural Development Finance Corporation had already earmarked ₹5.5 crore for the estimated ₹9-crore project,” he said.

The previous Congress-led regime could not initiate the project after it got entangled in courtroom battles and bureaucratic delays. “The new market building will have shops for vegetables and fruits, groceries and stationery. The first floor will be dedicated to vehicle parking. It will also have office space for rent,” he added.

The rejuvenation of the Periyar remains a key task before the new council, as the main water source for lakhs of people continues to reel under pollution and indiscriminate human interference. “We realise that the protection of the river is crucial. The council will set up three waste water treatment plants, in addition to the existing plant, to check dumping of untreated effluents and waste water into it,” said Mr. John.

The Municipal Chairman said the development of the railway station square would be undertaken on the occasion of the municipal centenary celebrations. “The old private bus stand remains in a dilapidated condition. It will be modernised. We plan to acquire old buildings near it and develop the area in tune with the emerging requirements,” he added.

The previous council could not complete the modernisation of the municipal town hall and the children’s park. Mr. John said an architect had been entrusted with drawing the plan for renovation of the children’s park. The council hopes to seek the support of sponsors to implement the new plans. It has no plans to support an earlier proposal for handing over the children’s park to the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC), he said.

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