Petition against govt. funding of Ganesh Chaturthi dismissed

The Delhi High Court on Thursday declined to entertain a petition seeking to declare as illegal the AAP government’s decision of organising Ganesh Chaturthi from State treasury and releasing advertisements.

A High Court Bench observed that the petition was filed hurriedly and without doing proper homework. The court said advocate Manohal Lal Sharma, also the petitioner, has not placed on record the advertisement based on which the petition has been filed.

Asvocate Sharma said he got to know through media that the Delhi government has been inviting people to join Ganesh puja, on September 10, organised by the State. He contented that conducting and promoting religious worship by the State and giving advertisement in TV channels from State treasury is contrary to Articles 21 (protection of life and personal liberty), 25 (freedom to practice religion) and 14 (equality before law) and the basic structure of secularism.

His petition said the religious programme was being funded by the State government for political and electoral gain and is liable to be stopped.

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