Plea for resumption of day train in Nilambur route

The Nilambur-Mysore Railway Action Council has demanded resumption of train services between Nilambur and Shoranur during the day.

Action council leaders blame Railways for ignoring the Nilambur sector even as several trains are restored in sectors such as Guruvayur and Punalur.

Although Railways had stopped all seven pairs of trains in the Nilambur sector during the lockdown last year, only the Rajyarani Express train has been reinstated in recent months. Rajyarani is a night train and the people in the Nilambur route have no train during the day.

Railway officials say only express trains have been reintroduced in the post-COVID-19 period. However, action council president C. Mohmmedali and secretary Biju Ninan say the Kottayam-Nilambur train is not resumed in spite of it having been converted to an express.

Sources say the Palakkad Railway Division has recommended resumption of the Kottayam-Nilambur Express (16325/6) in January this year. However, the higher-ups in Railways are yet to take a decision about it.

“A large number of people who used to depend on Railways on a daily basis are disappointed by the non-availability of trains on the Nilambur route during the day. Railways should not close a blind eye on their demand,” say Dr. Ninan and Mr. Mohammedali. They say Railways should resume the operation of at least two or three trains to ease the difficulties being suffered by the people.

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