Prabhas unstoppable episode premiere crashes Aha app, Unprecedented viewership!

PAN India star Prabhas took part in Balakrishna’ chat show Unstoppable with NBK, which premiered on the OTT platform. The episode is segregated into two parts, and the first part was released on 30th December.  The interesting thing is that the Aha app crashed due to an overload of traffic. Prabhas fans crashed Aha app. As Prabhas episode was going to be premiered from night. Fans who were waiting desperately for this episode tuned into the app as soon as the episode got premiered, and hence it resulted in the app crash.

Aha could not bear and crashed due to an overload of traffic.  Aha team immediately responded to this and tweeted: Your love is boundless darlingsss! Our app is offline but our love isn’t. Give us just a little time while we fix it. We will be up and running in a jiffy!

 It is known that  Prabhas has never come to such shows. That’s why the Aha team that brought Prabhas as  guest, increased the hype as expected.

Prabhas’ episode on Unstoppable with NBK, hosted by Balakrishna, has been divided into parts after multiple requests from the actor’s fans. The second part will premiere on January 6 as informed by the showrunners.

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