#PrabhasOnAha Trending #1 with 7 Million plus

Nandamuri Balakrishna is busy with movies and politics. Along with these, he is also doing a talk show on OTT. Balayya has become a huge craze for hosting the show Unstoppable with NBK which is currently airing on Aha. Balakrishna is inviting guests for the second season. It is known that Tollywood’s young rebel star Prabhas came to the Balakrishna Unstoppable show. Prabhas’s friend hero Gopichand was also interviewed by Balakrishna. This rare combination is exciting the audience through Unstoppable show on Aha OTT.

 While the photos of Prabhas related to this episode are already going viral on the net, the newly released promo is getting an overwhelming response.  The promo was unveiled yesterday. In the promo, Balakrishna was seen having a great time interacting with Prabhas and Gopichand. According to the latest report, #PrabhasOnAha is currently trending on Twitter with7 Million plus digital views and 7.5 lakh likes.

The OTT giant Aha tweeted: 7Million plus digital views. 7.5 lakh likes. Trending #1 on YouTube. #PrabhasOnAha trending on twitter with lacs of tweets. All this in just 16 hours. This is just the beginning! Watch out for the episode on December 30th. #UnstoppableWithNBKS2 #NandamuriBalakrishna

Balakrishna’ interaction with Prabhas, Gopichand and Ram Charan’s Call got 3 million views within 12 hours of this episode’s promo.  Aha announced that the episode will be streaming on 30th December.

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