Prime Minister’s security lapse: TNCC approaches Tamil Nadu Governor

BJP had earlier complained to R.N. Ravi about the issue

The Tamil Nadu Congress Committee (TNCC) has issued a rebuttal to charges made by the BJP, accusing the Congress over the lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy in Punjab.

In the letter, the TNCC leaders said they were approaching the Tamil Nadu Governor over a false narrative against the Punjab Congress, and that it was the Special Protection Group (SPG) that was responsible for the Prime Minister’s security and the manner in which they handled Mr. Modi’s visit to Punjab, raised a plethora of questions.

They asked how the Prime Minister was allowed to travel 122 km by road and why the journey was rescheduled by the SPG when details and planned routes were kept secret by Central agencies like IB, RAW, SBI and the Punjab State Police.

No alert

They also asked why the pilot vehicles, ahead of the convoy, failed to detect the presence of protestors on the road and did not alert the convoy to stop on time.

“Also we would like to point out here that when the Prime Minister’s vehicle waited on the over-bridge for 20 minutes, thousands of flag-waving BJP supporters were spotted close to him and have been captured by cameras. To put it otherwise, it was the BJP supporters who went close to the Prime Minister, jeopardising his security, and not the protesting farmers who had been stopped one km away,” the TNCC leaders said.

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