Put up portrait of Tiruvalluvar in offices: Vaiko

‘In the previous AIADMK govt., efforts were made to hide the image and portraits slowly went missing from offices of Ministers’

MDMK general secretary Vaiko has requested the State government to display the portrait of poet Tiruvalluvar in all government offices in the State, including the offices of Ministers and MLAs.

Mr. Vaiko said as per a G.O. issued on June 23, 1967, the Tiruvalluvar portrait sketched by K.R. Venugopal Sharma, which was unilaterally accepted by the Union and State governments, was allowed to be displayed in government offices, courts, police stations, schools, colleges and buses.

Communal politics

“But in the previous AIADMK government, efforts were made to hide the original image of Tiruvalluvar and the portraits went missing from the offices of Ministers. The picture started slowly vanishing from government publications as well,” he said.

After this, they started to paint an image of communal politics on Tiruvalluvar, he said.

Mr. Vaiko requested the State government to restore the earlier position and display the portrait of Tiruvalluvar in government offices and buses.

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