Ravi Teja gave a car as a gift to the manager… Video viral..!

We keep seeing some heroes giving expensive cars to directors who have given them hits. Some of the heroes presented cars to the directors either out of gratitude for giving them a hit or hoping that they would come back to them again if there was a good story. We have seen heroes like Kamal Haasan, Mahesh Babu, Nitin giving gifts to directors. We have seen that some producers also give expensive vehicles and things to the directors.

But few star heroes rarely give cars to their managers as well as fitness trainers. Prabhas gifted a car to his fitness trainer. Allu Arjun also gave financial help to his own driver to build his own house. Recently, Ravi Teja also showed his great heart by giving a car gift to his manager.

Presented a Tata company  Costly car to his long-time manager. In this order, the photos taken by the manager with his family in the car came out. Moreover, he took Ravi Teja to his house with the intention of doing the first drive. The video has now gone viral. Take a look at that video too:

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