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COVID precautions

These days we are witnessing GHMC election campaigns with roadshows full of people without physical distancing and masks. It looks like no one is afraid of COVID-19 any more. We don’t know how many asymptomatic carriers of virus are on the roads and how many are in the middle of treatment. Politicians bring crowds for road shows and other gatherings and for a few rupees and food, these people are putting their lives at risk. One fails to understand why the government is allowing thousands of people to congregate when it strictly regulates the number of people during weddings and other gatherings. Even leaders are not instructing their cadre and the hired people to wear masks. Instead of road shows, why not go house to house or colony to colony to campaign?

J.P. Reddy,


Busy junction

The New Bowenpally Junction near the Bowenpally police station is a very busy junction connecting Nagpur and Mumbai highway roads for vehicles coming from Secunderabad. Though traffic lights are available, it is a nightmare for pedestrians to cross the junction to reach the bus stand to board buses towards Patancheru, Medchal or Secunderabad. Even for motorists, it is a daily nightmare to cross the junction with pedestrians trying to cross the road from all directions. There is a need to include walking signals for pedestrians, till an overbridge is constructed connecting all the three roads. Further, while turning at the junction for RTC buses coming from Secunderabad and going towards Patancheru, it is always a challenge, because the angle of turn is so acute that unmindful drivers get stuck. There is a need to widen the turn. I request the cantonment/GHMC/traffic police authorities to solve the longstanding problem.

K. Rama Krishna,


Monkey menace

From the time the green cover in ESCI, Gachibowli, was reduced, monkeys have shifted to the adjacent Telecomnagar Colony and multiplied in population, causing misery and monetary loss by breaking CPVC plumbing lines and water tank lids while garbage is strewn all over on the roads. I request the municipal authorities to immediately look into this matter and relocate the monkeys.

K. Vasant Kumar,


Beautification required

During the GHMC polls, it is necessary to highlight the need to develop and beautify more areas in the central city like Sultan Bazaar, while Badeichowdi can be developed as walkers’ street beneath metro on the lines of Karoolbagh in Delhi and Mahatma Marg of Gangtok with lights, tress, sitting chairs etc. General Bazaar which has narrow lanes can also be developed on similar lines. Narayanaguda market and Musheerabad fish market must be renovated. Tank Bund in the heart of city needs to be upgraded too. Musheerabad Road to Gandhi Hospital needs widening. Maintenance pf many parks is also not up to the mark and needs regular monitoring by the elected councilors and municipal officials.

T. Kailash Ditya,


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