Reconversion to Hinduism should become a priority: Tejasvi Surya

‘If democracy has to thrive in India, it should be a Hindu-majority nation’

Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha national president and MP Tejasvi Surya on Saturday said that merely stopping conversion of Hindus is not enough but reconverting those who have left Hinduism should become a priority.

He was speaking at Vishwarpanam, a series of programmes culminating in the valedictory of the Paryaya of Sri Admar Mutt at Sri Krishna Mutt in Udupi. It was necessary to evolve a reconversion process to save the religious and cultural wealth of Hinduism, the MP said.

Mr. Surya said that Hindus should exercise political power. While numerical strength decides political power in a democracy, demography decides a nation’s destiny. The only way left for Hindus is to reconvert those who have left Hinduism, he said.

The MP noted that every temple and mutt across the State should set annual targets to undertake the reconversion process to ensure Hinduism is rejuvenated. He said that the invasion of Islam from the North towards the South was first successfully tackled by the Kingdom of Vijayanagara as per the history of Karnataka. Vijayanagara rulers drove away the “Mlechchas”, he said, referring to the Islamic invasion period.

He said that there cannot be a Hindu without Hindutva. Hindutva ideology preaches revolt against assaults on Hindu religion, he said.

Paryaya Admar Mutt seer Sri Ishapriya Tirtha Swami, Kukke Subrahmanya Mutt seer Sri Vidyaprasanna Tirtha Swami, Kondevoor Nityananda Yogashrama seer Sri Yogananda Saraswathi Swami and others were present.

In an interaction with intellectuals earlier, Mr. Surya said all Muslims and Christians living in India at present are a generation of people whose ancestors were forcibly converted from Hinduism hundreds of years ago. The anti-conversion law, he said, was introduced for a reason that it is inevitable in the current scenario.

Democracy can survive and thrive only if Hindus are a majority in India. The Constitution begins with the words, “India that is Bharat”. And, if India has to retain its original essence, it has to be a Hindu-majority nation, Mr. Surya said.

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