Reduced reliance on marks

G. Hemantha Kumar, VC, UoM, on Saturday said the new curriculum for schools will be introduced in 2022. It seeks to promote ethical thinking and scientific learning to reduce reliance on marksheets, he said.

At the seminar on ‘Implementation of National Education Policy – 2020 in Karnataka – Opportunities and Road Ahead’, he said the NEP has underscored the importance of breaking the hierarchy of different branches of knowledge in an attempt to realise the integrity of knowledge as one and inseparable.

“We have to make a beginning right now. There is no time to waste if we expect to achieve the target of finding 3,000 students in multi-disciplinary branches of education institutions by 2040,” he suggested.

Prof. Kumar said the University of Mysore was happy to join hands with KSOU, the Karnataka State Higher Education Council, Bengaluru, and the Centre for Educational and Social Studies for propagating the NEP and its highlights. “We cannot remain aloof from other universities and higher education institutions when a momentous thing is happening in the field of higher education which is going to affect all stakeholders,” he opined.

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