Restore stoppage of trains at Papanasam

The Train Passengers Association of Papanasam in Thanjavur district has appealed to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to restore the stoppage of the Mysuru- Mayiladuthurai- Mysuru and Chennai – Tiruchendur – Chennai express trains at Papanasam railway station.

The two express trains had a stoppage at Papanasam for nearly 10 years and were well patronised as well. The sudden removal of the stoppage of the two express trains has caused huge hardship for passengers coming from various parts of the country to Papanasam which is a major pilgrim centre and a taluk headquarters in Thanjavur district, the Train Passengers Association secretary T. Saravanan said in a memorandum sent to the Railway Minister last month.

It was surprising to know that the stoppages of these two trains have been provided to Aduthurai and Kuttalam stations which have less patronage as compared to Papanasam, he said adding that it was deeply regrettable that Papanasam was deprived of stoppage of these two trains. Considering the importance of Papanasam from the social, cultural and economic point of view the railways should provide for stoppage of the two trains at Papanasam, Mr. Saravanan said and appealed to the Railway Minister to consider their plea and sought favourable action.

In the absence of the stoppage of these two trains, rail travellers boarding from Papanasam had to travel nearly 30 kilometres to Thanjavur causing hardship to them, said Mr. Saravanan, a member of the Divisional Rail Users Consultative Committee, Tiruchi Division. Citing a reply given by the Southern Railway to a RTI application filed by him last month, Mr. Saravanan said the annual ticket revenue of Papanasam station was ₹1.58 crore for the year 2019-20. The annual ticket revenue of Aduthurai and Kuttalam stations were ₹77.2 lakhs and ₹63.4 lakhs respectively for the year 2019-20 as per reply given by the Southern Railway.

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