Revival of National-ranking tournaments planned by AAI

More exposure for up-and-coming talent is the goal

With the aim of grooming youngsters for the 2028 and 2032 Olympics, the Archery Association of India (AAI) plans to revive National-ranking tournaments.

The AAI has set a goal of making the up-and-coming talent war-ready by exposing them to tournaments round the year.

Olympic performance

“Cadet archers get just one event a year. Efforts have begun to restart National-ranking tournaments so that they get more events. More exposure on the domestic circuit will help us identify more new faces,” High Performance Director Sanjeeva Singh told The Hindu on the sidelines of the National championships.

“India has been knocking on the doors of the Olympics for a long time. The next target for us is reaching the semifinals, which are medal matches. In the World championships, we need to go one step up as we have not won a gold medal yet,” said Singh, an Arjuna and Dronacharya award winner.

Sports science

“Sports science is going to play a key role. We have already started using it. We are focusing on lower heart rate, better structure (perfect T-structure which ensures better transfer of power on the arrows), high draw strength and good height to identify and groom talent.

“Advanced countries like Korea, Germany, Italy and Turkey are focusing on bio-mechanics and using different software to ensure that every time an archer shoots, the body angle remains correct and the scoring is optimised. If angles change, then it impacts the shots,” he said.

Setting the ambience

The AAI is trying to put in place podium settings for top domestic events, including the National championships here.

“You see many events like this in Korea. Such a setting creates the ambience of a big event. When archers shoot on a podium in domestic competitions, they don’t get overawed at bigger international events,” said Singh.

The recurve competitions of the National championships begin on Friday.

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